Pattaya Swimming Pools

When you are seeking international standard swimming pool construction company in Thailand for Asian prices, Pattaya Swimming Pools is the ultimate choice. Merging the expertise of the Western world with the excellent value-for-money of the South East Asian market, Pattaya Swimming Pools team leading with a combined experience of 30 years constructing the best swimming pools in Asia.

We offer many professional services such as swimming pool construction, cleaning and pool pump maintenance and replacement. If your current pool needs renovations or a revamp, fixing broken tiles or re-pointing grout, Pattaya Swimming Pools is a one-stop-shop for all your swimming pool needs.

Why are we different from the rest?

  • We use employed staff for pool construction.
  • We provide five or 20 year warranty for new pool construction
  • Staff benefits include training, accommodation, work uniform and health cover
  • Daily construction record with photos
  • Private social media group setup for staff and customer
  • All pool equipment serviced and repaired in-house
  • Spare parts for all our pool equipment in stock
  • Pool cleaning and maintenance services

Our website details

Kanchanaburi 16m x 7m

12m x 5m Infinity Edge

David Udon 15m x 7m OverflowVintage 2 10m x 5m Overflow Pool